What is ePoints?

Inconjuction to newer category types and products added to our Express Custom Quote (ECQ) module, we have now introduced the usage of ePoints to be used as credits when making your quote request.

How is it used?

Every time you make a quotation for ECQ, 1 ePoints will be deducted. When you have run out of ePoints, you can only interact with the system on light version. Under light version, maximum input quantities are restricted (see below).

How do I get ePoints?

You can get FREE ePoints when you make purchases with us, for any of our products, and become our member. Read more about our membership features below.

What happen when ePoints validity expired?

Unused ePoints validity will expire 30 days upon acquisition. You can only interact with ECQ under demo mode, but any balance ePoints will not be removed. Just convert more credit balance to ePoints to extend your validity, so that ECQ will perform in full again.

Are there any other methods to get ePoints?

You can convert your credit balance into ePoints from the top right menu upon login. The current conversion rate is Rm50 for 10 ePoints, with a validity of 30 days. e.g. Convert Rm50 balance credit to 10 ePoints.

Membership Introduction

What kind of memberships do you have?

There are 3 types of memberships, "Junior Member", "Senior Member", and "Premium Member".

How do I become a Senior or Premium member? What are their features?

Membership levels are are earned and attained from sales accumulation. For example, if a user has made total purchase of Rm1,000 within a month, his membership will be automatically promoted to "Senior Member". The table below describe in detail the various features of each type of memberships.

Features Junior Member Senior Member Premium Member
Cumulated Sales (RM) Rm0 Rm1,000 Rm30,000
Instant Price Price (ISP) Yes Yes Yes
Express Custom Quote (ECQ) Light version Simple version Advance version
Power Tools No Yes Yes
FREE ePoints Redemption No every Rm1,000
get 15 ePoints
validity: 30 days
every Rm1,000
get 20 ePoints
validity: 30 days

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