FAQs: Artwork & Design

How do I prepare my files for printing?
- All file format must be in CMYK color mode input, and set to at least 300dpi resolution.
- If your artwork contains shadow effects, please save them on separate layers.
- Clearly indicate your layer names for Spot UV areas.
- For brochures with fold, please indicate the folding line clearly, or you can use our template files and insert your artwork within.. - If you are using our template file, please ensure your artwork is within the bleedline.

What kind of files do I need to submit for printing?
We accept PDF, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop files. To ensure your printout is done correct in the selected dimension/size, download the AI template files and insert your image within. The list of available templates are available on the confirm order page.

Which template file should I download?
You should download the appropriate template file for the size that you are printing. For example, if you are attempting to print an A4 brochure, download the A4 Brochure AI template file.

What if the size I require (custom) do not have template file?
The template files available for downloads are only for standard sizes. For custom sizes, please contact our sales staff for assistance.

How do I use your template files?
You can open our template files with Adobe Illustrator software. You can import your image file into the template by dragging the file and dropping it into the opened template. Arrange your image or artwork along the colored borders (preferably safe lines) to ensure the printing is accurate.

How do I send the completed file back to MyPrinter?
Please make sure to save your template file with the same name as your ORDER NUMBER, so that we can track your order with your file. You can email, attach, or upload your file to our server via FTP. Information such as email address or FTP address is available at the confirm order page.

What if I want to make changes after submitting my file?
We only allow changes to files for unconfirmed orders. Kindly notify our staff regarding the file/job you wish to change, and submit the new/amended files to us.