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Sizes A5, A4, A3, A2
Category Simily 80g, Simily 100g, Art Paper 105g, Art Paper 128g, Art Paper 157g, Art Card 230g, Art Card 260g, Art Card 310g
Sides 4+0c (color one side), 4+4c (color two-sided)
Quantities 300pcs, 400pcs, 500pcs, 600pcs, 700pcs, 800pcs, 900pcs, 1,000pcs, 2,000pcs, 3,000pcs, 4,000pcs, 5,000pcs, 6,000pcs, 7,000pcs, 8,000pcs, 9,000pcs, 10,000pcs, 15,000pcs, 20,000pcs, 25,000pcs, 30,000pcs, 35,000pcs, 40,000pcs, 45,000pcs, 50,000pcs, 55,000pcs, 60,000pcs, 65,000pcs, 70,000pcs, 80,000pcs, 90,000pcs, 100,000pcs, 150,000pcs, 200,000

High Quality Full colour brochure online printing

Do you want your brochures to stand out from the crowd? Look into full-color ones. Rich, detailed photos, logos and graphics all add interests and catches the eye of your readers. Using full color (also known as CMYK) offset printing separates the good from the great; fine details, crisp colors and quality are the trademarks that MyPrinter provides. Whether you're sending out company brochures, club newsletters, bulletins, or announcing a new product release, our experts can help you with your brochures printing.

Brochure Printing Formatting Options

With our five standard formats and multiple folding options, you can get your message out on up to 4 pages (panels). Create your newsletter layout using virtually any graphics program, whether Mac or PC version, including Microsoft Word and Publisher and all Adobe applications.

Brochure Printing Paper Options

Paper choice is a key component of your printed brochures project. We offer five selections: Our premium yet economical 80gsm simile uncoated stock, that is perfect for written forms or surveys. 157gsm gloss artpaper with an excellent opaque base which shows off color brilliantly 260gsm artcard for a finely gloss coated finish that gives a high-end feel.

Need a special size, or paper? We can print brochures with any custom configurations you need. A good-looking brochure isn't useful in your marketing arsenal unless it is targeted, has a first-class call to action and speaks to your customers about their needs.

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